It’s always a privilege to work on a marketing agency’s brand, especially one with the pedigree of Harvey Fuchs. Originally called Harvey Fuchs and Partners, it was felt that simplifying the brand would help create a clean and confident new identity. The tagline ‘Brand and Communications’ clearly positions the agency, and the simplification of their existing triangle device helps to give the brand added edge.

As well as the brand and stationery, Flynn Creative has also built the new website for Harvey Fuchs.  The site is built in WordPress and is a showcase for Harvey Fuch’s work and awards.

I have worked with Peter O’Flynn in his capacity as agency creative director and independent creative consultant. I have always been impressed with his creative thinking, ideas and design but what sets him apart from other creative people is his strategic awareness and commercial common sense. This combination of skills means that he can not only solve creative problems but can also deliver business solutions too.
Chris Harvey, Harvey Fuchs and Partners

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